Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Trying New Things


   Today, I did a few things that I had never done before. From the outside they may not seem like a lot. However, they made my day sparkle with a new and exciting glow, despite how “normal” and “blasé” they might seem.

   Firstly. I got contact lenses. After years of glasses, on a whim, at the eye doctors (where I was fully prepared to get new frames), I decided, why not? Previously, the idea of them had freaked me out a little bit, but there I was, in the chair, being fitted for contact lenses. Before I knew it, I was putting them in, and taking them out, and I’ve never seen so well in my life. I mean, my eyesight isn’t that bad, but still, crystal clear peripheral vision is something I never knew that I didn’t already have. I never knew how gorgeous my own eyes were, seeing them clearly for the first time since childhood was amazing.

   The second small thing was a new ice cream parlor. One that Christopher and I didn’t even know existed. We drove around a part of town (Kingston, NY) we never had before, again, on a whim. On his lunch break. We went inside, and just looked. We didn’t even get anything. Still, this small foray into a ice cream parlor bedecked with frogs and Yodas was an interesting, and refreshing, part of my day.

   The last new thing that I did today was go through a drive through totally alone. I realized that I had never done that. When I had gone through drive through restaurants before, it was always with at least one other person. As soon as I made that connection, I turned into the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and got myself an iced tea. Man, that was the sweetest iced tea I’ve had in a long time, and it had no sugar in it! 

   My point is that it is important to take the time in our daily lives to try new things. Even if they are tiny new things, like trying a new food, or watching a new TV show, or really, really big things, like your first time at a rock concert or on a roller coaster, these are the things that define our days, years, and lives. These are the things that make life interesting. I mean, yes, there are plenty of things that I will do over, and over again. There are books that I will reread, trails I will hike again and again, and I will probably keep eating my favorite cereal (Blueberry Morning)at least once a month. Still, it is often the NEW experiences that make life sparkle a little more and shine a little brighter.

try new things

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