Friday, May 3, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Chai Tea with a Cinnamon Stick

   When one is in the mood for Chai Tea (in a very serious, only-Chai-will-satisfy kind of way), and one makes a nicely brewed pot of aforementioned Chai Tea (of very good quality...Teavana's Samurai Chai, in fact), what could possibly make it any better? My answer: a Cinnamon Stick.

   It seems so simple, so trivial, so insignificant. After all, why would a Cinnamon Stick make much of a difference at all, in a very good and satisfying cup of tea? Maybe because you can stir the tea with the Cinnamon Stick, (and sip the tea through the Cinnamon Stick) and it adds just another layer of flavor. Relaxing, soothing, all-will-be-well flavor. It is like the playfulness of childhood accompanied by the complex, yet simple pleasures of adulthood. It is perfection.

  Some writers drink booze. I drink tea. Nothing refreshes my brain more, nothing makes my soul sing, like a cup of freshly-brewed, good quality tea. So, I am off to enjoy another cup of Chai (with a drizzle of Agave, and a Cinnamon Stick)

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