Monday, April 29, 2013

Writing is a Tangled Web

   Sometimes the things in my mind drive me crazy. Absolutely insane. The ideas, the characters, the words-phrases-sentences-paragraphs-chapters, the tangled plotlines and scattered images as they all struggle to emerge from the recesses of my cranium and breathe fresh air.

    The problem is, I can only let one free at a time. One poem. One painting. One word. Hopefully, this blog will help me do just that. Hopefully, whether you, my dear readers, actually exist, or not, I will be able to purge some of this pent up creativity, and free myself little by little in the process.

   Off I go, to conquer a story. After I slay the beast, I will mount the carcass here for you all to enjoy, or pick apart. In a word (or three), beloved readers (both real and imaginary), adieu (for now).

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