Monday, April 29, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Bathroom Cat

Oscar...bathroom cat!

   Coming back in from a walk, I went into the bathroom, feeling a bit down about the progress of my book, and lo and behold, there was Oscar, my nearly 5 month old Himalayan kitty. He smiled serenely up from the white porcelain, as if to say that everything would be fine...and then slyly dared me to wash my hands. (Don't worry, I did).

   Oscar may be "just a cat", but he is more than that to me. He is my buddy, hardly more than a yard away from wherever I am, always ready for a cuddle, and quite the little muse. I couldn't ask for a better pal to write with. By the way, typing well with a fluffy kitten on your laptop is a skill WORTH learning.

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